Quality Employees For All Employment Needs

Whether you are looking for short-term employment or someone long-term, ENA Trade Services is the right place for you. We hire employees who take pride in their work and are committed to working hard. Everyone deserves a chance to earn a living and at ENA Trade Services we are offering employees that chance without the risk to the employers, so consider us next time you need quality labor. Licensed and insured, our employees are ready to work hard for you! We offer flat rate or hourly pricing.

Employment Policy

We specialize in hiring employees that sometimes aren’t able to get a job due to their background. However, at ENA we do not just hire anybody, we have a strict hiring process that you must go through before you begin work. We believe in you, but we need you to believe in yourself! All of our employees must go through a background check and a drug test, this is a must! Then we have you complete safety training and basic construction training before we send you out on a job. Our reputation is important to us so we need to make sure you are absolutely ready and willing to work when send you to a company. In return we offer a competitive wage and lots of support to ensure that you learn a trade that you will be able to use for years to come.